Coaching Individuals

In today’s world we rarely have enough time for anything, let alone time to think. We have vast amounts of potential; everyone of us. Sadly often this potential doesn’t get realised. There is much interference around us and inside of us. Through coaching you or your team can let go of that and realise much more of your potential. There are many forms of coaching. As a formally qualified coach, Georg is among the coaches who can foster truly transformational change. He is a member of the International Coach Federation, and lives the ICF’s Code of Ethics.

Full Flow CoachingFull Flow Coaching is Georg’s unique view and blend of coaching practice, designed to enable you to remove what stands in the way of achieving your goals and getting life or work into full flow. Imagine a strong river that hits an area filled with rocks. All of a sudden the strength of the stream is turned into white water with lots of noise and little progress. Re-establishing flow requires the removal of these rocks. That’s what Georg can help you achieve.

Personal Coaching

This is a series of one-to-one conversations focused solely on your thinking, discovery, and progress. You may have something specific in mind that you feel close to solving for yourself, and it remains elusive. You may just have an overarching sense of too many things going through your mind, and the clutter holds you back in some way. You may have achieved yet another big win, yet are left yearning still for the next one. Coaching can help you let go of what holds you back and achieve your own goals in a programme of 6 sessions; in complete confidentiality.

Coaching Teams, their Team Coach, their Leader

In the professional coaching world, work with teams often means working with leadership teams. Drawing from extensive experience Georg is in the position to be able to work with teams who are working-level value-delivery teams who have their own team facilitator or team coach. This could well be the team’s manager/leader. Working with and through the team’s day-to-day coach, Georg helps to actively address team dynamics to get the team to a high-performing level much more quickly than they organically might. This way teams embrace more of their 2000x fold improvement potential sooner.

Organisational Coaching

In an organisational setting a coaching approach can cover work with individuals as well as with teams. The organisation may go through a specific phase of change or leadership are simply keen to improve productivity and well-being of the organisation. An engagement with a coach over the course of a few months can achieve significant results. Georg is qualified and experienced in working across the individual, team and leadership levels.

Organisations going through Digital Transformation also benefit from such an engagement. Alongside the work with the individuals and teams in the Digital parts of the organisation, the interaction with the traditional part of the organisation present its own challenges. They are commonly related to differences in mindset and culture, rooted in working practices that are deeply entrained. This is an environment that Georg is intricately familiar with both in the public sector and industry.