Coaching - Unlock Your Team's Genius


Coaching Teams

This targets improvement to the heart of the organisation. The effectiveness of the leadership team impacts everything. Coaching the leadership team is a calling of mine that I follow to help you unlock your team’s genius. This also increases the happiness of people involved. Happy people create better outcomes. I draw from over 15 years of digital product development experience. Through a combination of training, executive coaching and organisational change coaching, I bring this experience to the benefit of your organisations.

Coaching Individuals

In today’s world we rarely have enough time for anything, let alone time to think. We have vast amounts of potential; everyone of us. Sadly often this potential doesn’t get realised. There is much interference around us and inside of us. Through coaching, you or your team can let go of that and realise much more of your potential. There are many forms of coaching. As a formally qualified coach, I am among the coaches who can foster truly transformational change. I am an accredited coach and member of the International Coach Federation, and live the ICF’s Code of Ethics.