Become a Team Whisperer – with The Team Development Course

Become a Team Whisperer

As a Team Whisperer you:

  • create high team productivity,
  • kick off a team for a strong start,
  • know how mature a team is,
  • cultivate high positivity.

Have you ever wondered ...

  • What makes a dream team?
  • How can your team reach true high performance?
  • Which engagement style is best for which situation?
  • How can you tell where the team is in their development?
  • What can you do to accelerate the natural development of the team?
  • How can you help the team discover an answer whether you know it or not?
  • What different kinds of conflict are there and how can you nurture the good kind?
  • Hi, I’m Georg, and I created "Become a Team Whisperer" to help people like you foster high team productivity,
    skilfully & confidently navigate conflict,
    naturally adjust your style based on the team's maturity, all while cultivating high team positivity & engagement.

    If you've always wanted to ...

    • Build your confidence in serving the team
    • Breeze your team through all development stages
    • Gain comfort with conflict
    • Guide teams to become dream teams

    ... then this course if for you!

    "Become a Team Whisperer" is perfect for you ...

    ... if you’re working with a team, i.e. a small group of people working together on the same thing, as a Team Leader, Scrum Master, Team Facilitator, Team Coach, or with multiple teams as an Agile Coach.

    In this 6 week program, you'll find everything you need to know, including:

    • Learn foundational professional coaching skills
    • How the team's developmental stages really work
    • How to create a feedback culture in the team
    • How to design and hold great team kickoffs & refreshes
    • How to identify each team development stage based on looks, sounds, and experience
    • What to do when the team's energy dips
    • How to spot different kinds of conflict & discover the conflicts source
    • How Transactional Analysis can be a powerful tool in team development
    • What to do when team members leave or the team sadly ends
    • What the different kinds of resilience are and how to grow them
    • Spotting and overcoming the 5 dysfunctions that teams face
    • How to develop and use a team coaching strategy

    Take a peek ...

    What is it like?

    The program runs over 6 weeks. Every week you get access to additional modules so that you can gradually learn more material and have a bit of time to practice what you learned. The online portion of the course has full video instructions with exercises to do on your own, as well as homework to take into your world of work. Through this Learn > Practice > Reflect cycle you’ll get the most out of the course.

    • 16 modules packed with value
    • Over 11 hours of actionable HD video content

    Upon completion you get a digital course certificate to link to, add to your LinkedIn profile, and download as a PDF. This is a great way to demonstrate to the world how much your team and their development mean to you.

    The content draws from 20 years of experience, lots & lots of training, and tons research & science. All curated and the most potent selection is bundled together to help you help the team become an even better team.
    For more information about my background, check here. These are my key three "scouts badges":

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    Here's what previous course graduates shared about their experience:

    It can give you a deeper understanding of people and relationships in general, as well as being hugely helpful in the workplace.

    Brilliant, practical training. Will use everything that we were taught.

    Fiona Thomson Senior Coach Lead at Potato

    I am a keen learner on your online courses, will finish Team Development course within the next days and also enrolled to other learning tracks provided. Since teams I work with do not face all of the situations covered in your examples, I had no opportunity to challenge them with all the homework and exercises (but I am sure, there will be time for practice 🙂 ). Thank you for providing this great content and also making it available to a wider audience.

    Werner Senior Scrum Master and Agile Practitioner

    Gain confidence in guiding the growth of the team

    Build key skills of professional coaching, and conflict management

    Learn how to guide your team from kickoff to high performance, the state of full productivity and fulfilment

    Become a
    Team Whisperer

    Take your team from now to wow


    • Monthly Live Q&A Video-Calls
    • Lifetime online access
    • Usually 6 weeks to complete
    • Study anywhere
    • Full mobile support

    30 days satisfaction guarantee

    If for any reason you are not satisfied, you have 30 days to request your investment back. I will refund it; no questions asked.

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