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Where are you in your practice as Scrum Master, Agile Team Facilitator, Agile Delivery Manager, Agile Coaching Practitioner?

Fresh-ish (<2 years)?

Based on what I would have benefited the most at that stage, check out the eCourse on ...

Experienced (2-3 years or more)? 

To leapfrog my work in Agile Coaching as Scrum Master or Agile Coach I have most benefited from training in ...


It can give you a deeper understanding of people and relationships in general, as well as being hugely helpful in the workplace.

Good attitude, fun, dealt in our chatter! personable, knowledgeable & experienced.

Trent Huon - Director at IDEO

I got to know Georg through his Scrum and Team Coach training courses. His courses balance mentoring, teaching, and coaching really well. Georg has been one of the most supportive individuals when it comes to my career development. I wasn't getting the experience I needed and his mentorship really helped me get into a positive mindset when job hunting and now that I'm getting to apply my newly learnt skills in my new role, our mentoring sessions now focus on how to get the best out of me and my team. He truly role models servant leadership and it's a pleasure to experience this. I'd highly recommend working with Georg.

Laxmi Kerai - Senior Delivery Manager

From basics to collaboratively designing what it could look like for us, makes this an incredibly useful course!

Luuk R - Senior Designer at IDEO

Brilliant, practical training. Will use everything that we were taught.

Fiona Thomson - Senior Coach Lead at Potato

Become a Team Whisperer - eCourse

ONLINE (eCourse)

This signature course covers what collaborative working is all about, yet is barely covered in any training course. How to work together properly in a team of people as people?

Have you ever wondered how your team can become like that dream team you were once with? With the concepts, models, and tools from this unique learning experience you can make that happen.

This learning experience is available online. It is designed based on the concept of a Learn > Practice > Reflect cycle. The online programme guides you over 10 weeks of learning of how to take your team from now to wow.

Enrollment standard price is €300+vat.

Systems Coaching for deeper Agile Coaching

ICAgile Certified Course in Agile Team Coaching 

ONLINE (Live Seminar)

For Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches it is vital to practice Agile Coaching in a way that minimises resistance, enter into meaningful alliances with stakeholders, and inspire the teams' swift development towards high performance, for lasting and systemic change.

This unique learning experience immerses participants in the skills required to accomplish these ideal states. It features powerful permission-based guidance, professional team coaching, and simple to remember yet profound models to use in the challenging and fulfilling practice of true Agile Coaching.

Ticket prices range from €650 to €1097 plus vat.

ICP - Agile Coaching
ICAgile Accredited Course Badge

Looking for bite-sized training?

Head over to my YouTube channel to watch videos to help grow your Agile practice, your Scrum practice, and your leadership mindset. You'll also find some content about mental health & wellbeing, as well as neurodiversity.

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