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Three quick tips for the ultimate agile sprint review

By Georg Fasching | agile practice

Feb 21
Sprint Review - 3 Tips

Round off your sprint the right way and go into the next one a better team

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Tip 1: Focus on results

When you kick things off it’s a good idea to compare what you planned with what you actually accomplished within the sprint. From there you can discuss how it was that you managed to achieve more than planned or less than planned. This promotes transparency and understanding between the team, scrum master and product owner. It also encourages stakeholders to offer you more help in avoiding any organisational issues.

Tip 2: Share the limelight

When talking through the work, it’s important that everyone gets a chance to say his or her piece about it. Too often one party (e.g. product owners) will dominate the stage, allowing no time for the team to receive crucial feedback. If possible, have customers or users present to give detailed feedback and measure your assumptions with the realities of the experience.

Tip 3: Show upcoming items

After the sprint review show and tell or product demo, take a quick look at the next items from the sprint backlog. This will prepare you for what’s in store and enable you to ask the following:

  1. what is going on in market?
  2. what are business priority changes?
  3. what is your competition doing?

Asking these questions ensures you have alignment with stakeholders and reduces risks and nasty surprises. While you’ll never eliminate all surprises, you can dramatically reduce the amount of risk by having insight of what’s around the corner.

I hope the video and tips above help you to improve your agile sprint reviews and follow the scrum framework (aka scrum methodology) more closely. Refer back to this page whenever you need a refresher. If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover, leave a comment below or send me a message through my website. Thanks for reading. See you next time!


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