August 9, 2019

What's happening?

Agile Lean Europe is happening, and it happens to happen in the city that we just got to move to, namely Porto.

This is a special type of conference anyway, as it is almost fully run as an unconference, just with a few pre-arranged sessions to help get things going, called seed sessions. What's more special about this particular run of Agile Lean Europe is the family programme. As we are a little family of three now (4 if you count our cat), this is really great to have.

Coming back to those seed sessions. There are many great seed sessions on offer. I get to host one of these seed sessions and below I'll share what it's about.

Couldn't get a ticket? Here's a chance to win one.

This ticket give away is aimed at members of the community in Portugal in an effort to support said community.

My contributions to ALE19

"Seed" session: YAALF! - Yet another Agile Leadership Framework?

Teams know how to do their work and they know more about it than their leaders. That’s good, and where does that leave the leaders in the world of Agile? Join this talk & group coaching for a framework to take your leadership to the next level. Spoiler alert: it’s not called YAALF.

Leadership is a competency, skill, and art. It needs to be developed. Great leaders do so consciously and with dedication.

Whether leaders got to do so already, or not, a structured lightweight leadership development framework streamlines and strengthens the pathway.
Sharing the 5 dimensions of the framework, we’ll explore stage by stage your status, goals, and balance your attention in this leadership group coaching session.

Who is it for? Anyone in a leadership role, servant leader or otherwise.

This will be a group coaching session if you choose to use it this way. If not you can just enjoy the content and see what you can get from it.

Here's the listing on the event page.

What else?

Well, I got to contribute an item to the event bag and chose to include postcards. What's so special about postcards you ask?

For one, the backs have one quarter of two different iconic images so if you're at the conference you can collaborate with others to complete the photo.

For another, you can get fully sponsored enrolment to my online Team Coaching Course with special codes for ALE19 participants.

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Georg Fasching

A leadership team development specialist, International Coach Federation - Professional Certified Coach, with global product management experience since 2000, employing Agile & Lean since 2010, Georg Fasching guides leadership teams to delighting their clients, fulfil their people, and improve their prosperity.

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