For the big shift your Agile practice is ready for.

"Systems Coaching for deeper Agile Coaching"

Have you ever ...

Faced resistance or reluctance?

Teams or stakeholders either push back, ignore, or only reluctantly go along. How come?

Wondered how best to serve across teams?

How can you be effective across teams when it took all your time to serve one team before?

Wished for more and deeper impact in the organisation?

How can you finally shift the environment around the team/s so that they can get on with creating value for users?


I'm  Georg Fasching.

It is with great delight that I get to offer this course. Since 2000 I have enjoyed product development teamwork across the globe in companies of all sizes.

It is my conviction that every team has the potential to become a dream team. In fact, there is a dream team inside every team already. The essence of their dream team is Team Genius.

With what I teach in this course you have the models, concepts, techniques, and skills to unlock your teams' Team Genius.

Find out more below.

All the best for the practice with your teams!

Best wishes,


ICF Professional Certified Coach
IC-Agile Authorized Instructor

What has made the difference for me and my students ...

Through the last ~10 years of practice, of my overall 20+ years in digital product development, lots of top tier educational offerings and tons of books, the following 6 areas make the biggest difference.

Systems Thinking

The ability to consider the wider picture and its intricate complexities and dynamics.

Professional 1:1 Coaching

The body of skills and knowledge that empowers others to take ownership, accountability, and responsibility, in pursuit of their goals.

Professional Team Coaching

The skill and art of coaching a team in its entirety unfolds a whole deeper dimension of unlocking each team's genius.

Human Change Theory

The integration of deep understanding of how people think and feel, their worries, and dreams, is paramount to creating an environment that promotes human change.


The understanding of how our brains work, and change over time is paramount to using the right type and pace of engagement.


The appreciation of how our higher functions are impacted by even subtle changes in our biology is a key asset in our choice of engagement and interventions.

This is a unique online learning experience

This series of 5x half-days of highly interactive live online workshops was originally thought to be a rewrite and upgrade of my "Become a Team Whisperer" course (available as an eCourse).

When sitting down to do that though it emerged quickly that "Become a Team Whisperer" is still as current as it was and covers what everyone starting to work with teams really ought to know and practice.

"Systems Coaching for deeper Agile Coaching" serves those with a few years of Team Craft experience, covering the most effective tools and techniques that I learned and practice since then.

Every subject, concept, and model, is explored through practice. There is a direct linkage of each subject to concrete everyday challenges that our kind face every day.

93.3 Instructor NPS Rating

How is this course different from other Agile Team Coaching courses?

While similar courses include the 1:1 professional coaching, this course does that and takes you to the next level, professional team coaching.

Why is that important?

Many graduates from Agile Team Coaching courses get excited by the professional coaching skills. They go off and use them with individuals on a 1:1 basis, just like they learnt on the course.

Then they meet the whole team. ... They want to coach. ... They only learnt how to do this 1:1. ... What now?

"Systems Coaching for deeper Agile Coaching" addresses this issue as a core design part of the course. You'll get hands-on training and practice in professional team coaching, just like I do it with senior management teams. Yes, it works with leaders too.

Finally, the class size is limited to no more than 12 people.

84.5 Course NPS Rating

Why Systems Coaching?

It’s a way of how to effectively help teams, parts of organisations, and whole organisations shift. It’s respecting the individual, while always serving the whole.

As Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches, our primary duty is to the teams in the context of the organisation. Empowering a team means to guide the team in a way that it works for itself. Systems Coaching is a powerful way to achieve this.

When you start to work with teams and groups of teams as systems you will feel a lot less exhausted, and you will have more impact too!

Course Outline

Module 1 - Removing Resistance

1. Connecting - using the most powerful yet most underutilised coaching tool
2. Holistic Agile Coaching Demo - conscious use of the core Agile Coaching skills
3. Why This Takes Time - exploring neuroscience & bio-psychology

Module 2 - Easing Change & Conflict

1. Coaching Practice - grounding your presence in your service to others
2. Navigating Conflict Practice - exploring my Conflict Progress Coaching Model
3. Systemic Modelling & Change - developing a systems view and appreciation

Module 3 - Team as one Whole

1. Team as System - deepening our systems view and appreciation
2. Team Building & Facilitation - ensuring we cover critical yet unasked questions of teams
3. Team Coaching Practice - taking our coaching to the next level

Module 4 - Guiding Mastery

1. Mentoring Practice - getting purposeful of our mentoring service
2. Leadership Engagement - surfacing the leadership network & establishing an alliance
3. Training Practice - leveraging the core principles of effective adult learning

Module 5 - Conscious Coaching

1. Coaching Strategy Development - overcoming overwhelm and improving efficacy
2. Team Coaching Practice - getting comfortable with professional team coaching
3. Competency Development Charting - celebrating the learning on the course, and setting an intention for what's next

Special Features for You

Life-time material & premium content access

  • Access the latest version of the material and extra content for life
  • Access to videos of all course content briefings
  • Access to my Team Performance Foundations e-course (av. on its own for €279).

Re-seats to future seminars

Free 2021-2022! Come back to join the course again to deepen your learning and share your experience with fellow practitioners.

Monthly Alumni Ask-Me-Anything

Following the course you will be invited to monthly ask-me-anything calls with me together with all Team Genius alumni

Agile Coaching certification option

The course is accredited through ICAgile for the ICP-ACC Agile Coaching certification. It is available as an option when booking.

Why is it optional?

You may already have the certification, but you wish to either refresh your knowledge, or learn professional team coaching.

ICP - Agile Coaching
ICAgile Accredited Course Badge

What previous students shared about their course experience ...

I couldn't recommend this course more highly.

"I loved this course. Georg taught, coached, mentored and facilitated us in his unique and fun way. The practice sessions for professional coaching for both individual and team coaching were invaluable and also a perfect safe space to test our learning and understanding. In addition we had plenty of group discussion, gave and received feedback throughout and had reflection time to help embed our learning. I couldn't recommend this course more highly."

Lisa Martin

( Agile Coach )


Gain more systemic insight

"If you are interested in how you can use system thinking and neuroscience to engage people in teams better, then this is a place for you to explore more about it. I would recommend to those who want to put the theory into practice, and gain more systemic insight about how team coaching could impact the dynamics in organisations."


( Team Coach )


A huge THANK YOU Georg

"Georg was simply brilliant, really loved his energy and expertise over the matter"

Oct. 2021 Graduate


I am delighted with the passion and commitment demonstrated by Georg.

Jan. 2021 Graduate

( Scrum Master )


Nice one, Georg!

"Georg was a great teacher, brought a lot of good content, references, histories, masters the subject, challenged the group, shared constructive feedback so we could improve in several topics. Also was always available for clarify doubts and analyse what the group had to share."

Jun. 2021 Graduate


The course is currently not scheduled for another run.

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