Ever wondered how some senior product leaders ship world-class products at a pace you dream of?

You push yourself to your limits and give your everything. Yet sometimes it seems like it will never be enough to make real progress in your challenges.

So what's amiss?

If it feels like you're working too hard, you're working too hard!

Your Path Up & Above

By the time you’ve completed this 1:2:1 coaching programme, you’ll be in a place where both exec management and staff take your lead. And as a result, if you tell exec management something isn’t achievable they respect your expertise.

Your staff are ...

  • motivated to work,
  • they do a better job,
  • get better results, which in turn ...

... boosts the reputation of your product organisation.

Last, and certainly not least, you’ll have ...

  • more time with family & friends,
  • less stress, and
  • more energy.

Following is an overview to give you a feeling for the programme.

Excellence in Product Leadership - Programme Overview

The programme usually takes about 3 months. Each of the following 6 sessions lasts up to 60 minutes. The calls should happen every 2 weeks.

1. Calendar Magic

The first issue every leader share with me it that they don't have any time. At least that is what they summarise their situation to be.

In this session we will give your time management some TLC together.

Afterwards you will have:

  • minimised out of hours work
  • 10-20% of your working time back
  • a lightweight systems for how best to use this time

2. The Prime of your Leadership

With more time to think on your hands, your mind may then start to notice all the things that you wish you would have attended to. What is also common at this point, leaders I work with feel overwhelmed and aren't sure how to organise it all.

In this session, we will map out where you're at in your work using my easy-to-remember, high-leverage, leadership model.

Afterwards, you will have:

  • clarity on what is and is not important
  • overview of the 3 key areas and which need what attention
  • understanding of your personal roadmap

3. Value Delivery

The next key challenge that comes up is a lack of outside perspective, calibration, and feedback. More than half the senior leaders in product I speak with don't have anyone similarly or more experienced in Products in their company.

In this session we will review and upgrade your product portfolio together.

Afterwards you will have:

  • points of pride of what's already great
  • sense of confidence from unbiased "challengingly" supportive feedback
  • a work plan for taking your portfolio's value delivery to world-class

4. People Development

Encompassed in 'People Development' are the Product professionals in your group/department and your relationships with other stakeholders. The three most common challenges here relate to lack of alignment with key stakeholders, issues with hiring Product professionals, sufficient time to grow existing Product professionals.

In this session we will take a walk through your network and give it a tune up together.

Afterwards you will have:

  • a plan for influencing hesitant/reluctant stakeholders
  • a work plan for progression in your Products
  • a refreshed approach for engaging your people

5. Organisational Improvement

The vast majority of companies I encounter who create digital products and solutions have an organisational structure that is not optimised for this type of work.

In this session we will work through your organisation's set-up and revive your efforts to promote product flow.

Afterwards you will have:

  • external review of your organisation's approach
  • quick-win options for improvement
  • strategy outline for influencing top stakeholders towards product flow

6. Out in the world

It is the exception for senior product leaders to find time to go out in the world to learn and share. Yet this is a vital activity for your portfolio's, your company's and your own future's sake.

In this session we will explore your existing plans and sketch up a roadshow.

Afterwards you will have:

  • options for sharing identified
  • identified how to overcome any roadblocks
  • vision for your Product Leadership future

What's behind this programme?

This is a programme backed up by loads of research in the fields of high-performance, adult development, applied complexity, emotional intelligence, and global leadership.

Furthermore it is fuelled by having walked the path myself, and years of learning all sorts of different techniques and methods in search of meeting the challenges of senior leaders in the product development space.

As a personal side-note; if I had had this when I went from Business Analyst to Exec VP of Product in 10 years, it would have been much easier and possibly quicker.


An example of the results made possible through this programme

I used this programme also with Anna, VP of Products, who took her 4 people low-proficiency low-delivery product manager team to a 12 people professionalised shipping-value-like-clockwork kind of department, well connected with sales & engineering, as a result of how my programme helped her.

Your Coach: Georg Fasching


I'm Georg

As Your Coach I'll bring a total of 20+ years in digital product development, including 10 years of global corporate product development career experience, from business analyst to Exec.-VP of Products, and 10+ years of helping leaders and organisations with their product development as consultant and coach.

Your growth and your results-achievement are my goals and passion.

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My background and expertise is fueled by working with:

... as well as others under NDAs.

Excellence in Product Leadership

Programme Investment


The full standard price of the programme is:



Or 3 payments of €675+vat.

Common Results - Your ROI

As I mentioned, this is the programme also used with Anna, VP of Products, who took her 4 people low-proficiency low-delivery product manager team to a 12 people professionalised shipping-value-like-clockwork kind of department, well connected with sales & engineering, as a result of how my programme helped her.

If these are the type of results you’re looking for in your product leadership, book your 20-minute consult and let's get started.


What other leaders said about working with me


Working with Georg was one of the best professional decisions I have made to date. Throughout the 6 months with Georg, I came to realise I can achieve more if I take some time to reflect and ask myself key questions. I have taken on the mindset of a leader taking my team and myself to the next levels as opposed to plodding along with no change and no progression. It has given me the motivation to have the difficult conversations, to push for changes and to challenge myself. Georg's coaching sessions are invaluable, I highly recommend them if you are looking to develop, improve and enhance your professional development. Thank you Georg!

For teams to learn to be effective, there typically needs a degree of vulnerability and learning trust; a safe place is needed for that. Georg creates this safe place with ease.

Norm Russell - Co-Founder

Georg is known for his good sense of humour with tact and empathy, which makes him really good at working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries. He is a true professional with strong strategic thinking and the ability to draw conclusions on complicated topics.

Sirpa Norlund - Senior Vice President

My experience of being coached by Georg can be summarised in one word: transformational. Georg has the gift of grace and the priceless ability to make you feel at ease through absolute listening and silence, which I hugely admire and respect.

My coaching sessions coincided with a series of transformational moments in other parts of my life. Georg has helped me make sense of what otherwise felt ambiguous; helping me realise that what I perceived to be in the future or outside of me, is actually now and within me. Whilst we worked on a set goal based around my interest in photography, the overall shift has been much wider and deeper.

The following particularly worked well for me:
+ Georg's holistic (mind and soul) approach
+ Sitting in nature - a penny dropped in this session - I'll never forget it
+ Georg never once made me feel like the clock was ticking
+ I'm a particularly visual person, so the coaching cards worked well
+ Continual focus on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past

Jags Parbha - Head of Digital

Georg has amazing credibility and has worked with some fantastic companies. He has so much experience of working with teams, he has an exercise or way to position every possible situation. He’s also an excellent facilitator – a cool head and able to gently get us back on the right path.

Vicky Schildkamp - General Manager

I highly recommend Georg Fasching as an organisational coach. As part of the Ministry of Justice Digital and Technology Team I have worked with Georg between January 2016 and December 2017.

As part of the Digital Management team, Georg coached the group as a team, assisting it to learn its strategic goals and coaching the team in terms of its organisational growth and delivery. Georg encouraged the team to look at different ways that we could work together and to forge a greater understanding of what we were needing to deliver and how best we could do that.

Georg on a personal note is very approachable and great to have around the office. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about his field. He is the ultimate professional and fully committed to the cause he was working on. Georg would be an asset to any organisation he works with.