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Team Development Course

My signature course covers what collaborative working is all about, yet is barely covered in any training course. How to work together in a team of people as people?

Have you ever wondered how your team can become like that dream team you were once with? With the concepts, models, and tools from this unique learning experience you can make that happen.

This learning experience is available online. It is designed based on the concept of a Learn > Practice > Reflect cycle. The online programme guides you over 10 weeks of learning of how to take your team from now to wow.

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Coaching Skills At Work

In this 3 month programme, participants will learn valuable core coaching skills to improve productivity, fulfilment, and performance at work.

This programme includes 1 full day and 3 half days of in-person training to learn and practice coaching skills and coaching models.

In order to ensure tangible improvement in the practice of coaching skills participants also get feedback based on observation in situ.

Training is delivered on site at your organisation in Greater London (or beyond with travel time and costs covered).


I love to learn and what I love even more is to connect with others who love to learn and help them learn even more.​

If you'd like to top up your learning at your leisure, have a look at my complimentary training webinars here.

Training Style

These training experiences are the polar opposite of ‘incapacitation by powerpoint’. Over 80% of the time, participants are engaged through interactive exercises. These include role-play, serious play, group discussions, team activities and challenges. Furthermore learners also never sit for more than 20-30 minutes to ensure that the brain gets enough oxygen.

Maxine Leigh Lloyds Banking Group

My background before Innovation was Learning and Development, so I’ve been involved with lots of face to face training and this was absolutely one of the best training sessions I’ve been to, particularly for learning so much in such a short space of time. The balance between theory and practical exercises was just right for me. I particularly enjoyed how you facilitated the practical exercises, throwing in typical work place behaviours (interruptions, additional work tasks) it really helped to place these in reality.


Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your private training course interests, either via the form below, Twitter (@GeorgFasching) or Skype (geofas).