Leadership Development Programs

To enable your organisation to better meet its business goals in a world of ever increasing complexity it is vital to enable managers and leaders to further their skills and ready them to role model them to their staff.

Days out for training can certainly provide an introduction to new knowledge, but there is no guarantee that the new learning will stick and be leveraged. That's where leadership development programs come in.

It is important to create these using the actual, specific, and tangible challenges that the managers and leaders of the organisation are facing to make the program feel as real and be as applicable as possible.

Specialist consultancies in leadership programs often excel at supporting managers become leaders. Few of them have the experience in enterprise agility, and thriving in a world of increasing complexity. Following is the general pattern I follow and has served the organisations and leaders very well in their professional and personal development.

Leadership Development Program Engagement Pattern


Capture Challenges

  • Capture general organisational issues and challenges your business and leaders face
  • Invite representatives from the target-audience to join a User/Participant Panel
  • Learn from the Participant Panel's specific challenges that they face in their parts of the company and in their leadership

Create Framework & Learning Objectives

  • Draft an overarching leadership development framework together (typically themes the modules) if there is no company leadership framework available yet.
  • Create a set of learning objectives and distribute across modules, recognising themes of modules and/or increased proficiency over time

Module Creation (repeated for each module)

  1. Draft an outline (incl. activities) for a module and provide for review (option to collaborate live over video-call if desired)
  2. Design Review call to get feedback and exchange ideas
  3. Refine outline for module
  4. Test with Participant Panel
  5. Finalise module design

Leadership Program

Workshops (4-6 workshops, 2-6 weeks apart)

  • Teaching tools/concepts/models/skills to support participants in meeting learning objectives
  • Range of activities for engaging different learner types
    • Individual, Pair, Small-Group, Whole-group
    • Skill practices
    • Role-play
    • Learning Games
    • Simulations
    • Case study work
    • ... 
  • Participants design their own individual experiments to apply the learning in their work context until the next point of contact in the program (workshop or group call for mentoring/coaching).

Group Calls with coaching and mentoring (in between the workshops)

  • Sharing results from experiments
  • Cover applications questions
  • Celebrate successes
  • Learn from issues
  • Overcome challenges
  • Provide frame for follow-through and accountability

Continuous Contact

Through a messaging tool of choice cohorts stay connected to support each other and receive support from faculty throughout the entire programme.

Leadership Development Programme Content

For a walk-through of what we think a Leadership Development Programme fit for the 2020s ought to feature, please watch the following recording of our recent live-stream.


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