March 14, 2018

Help your team find excellence by applying these three approaches


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Tip 1: Put aside time for growth

It’s well known that mastery, autonomy and purpose are the three key tenets of intrinsic motivations. This should form the basis of your approach to team development and self-improvement. While every business puts aside resource to improve its product, not all invest time and money to grow the skills of its people. Look at where your scrum team can do the following:

  • share the latest trends
  • sharpen their tools
  • find professional/personal development

If you have a senior stakeholder who finds it hard to see the value in this, learn how to create a business case for team growth to help achieve this. Ultimately, the idea is to create value for the company, not creating time spent learning.

For a more in-depth coverage of this, read my article about the hidden dimension of the product backlog.

Tip 2: Create accountability links

You’ll want to make each team member aware of the skills and learning goals of others. This can awaken one person’s interest in the specific skill set(s) of another. This is known in scrum methodology as ‘accountability links’. It can have a positive impact on team dynamics by allowing individuals to help their peers achieve their goals, as well as the common team objective.

Tip 3: Get out more

That’s right, I said it. Get out of the office and see how other teams work together. Investigate with purpose and find inspiration that you can combine with your own strategy for personal, professional and team development.

Mastery never happens in isolation so exchange knowledge with other groups, whether agile or not. Visit organisations you admire, tap into their professional networks and gather insights that you can apply back at HQ. This is the best way to hone your skills, improve your craft and invest in your mastery.

I hope the video and tips above help you and your team to master their natural talents, resulting in a more rewarding outcome for all. Refer back to this page whenever you need a refresher. If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover, leave a comment below or send me a message through my website. Thanks for reading. See you next time!

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