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Three techniques for improved agile team collaboration

By Georg Fasching | Team Coaching

Mar 23
Power of Three - Collaboration

Understand how you can contribute to a more cohesive and collaborative effort from your scrum team


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Tip 1: Create a common cause

By this stage you’ll have already established the purpose of the team. Now it’s time to create a single, meaningful goal for each agile sprint. This is a good way to motivate the team and migrate them away from siloism.

If the team achieve their sprint goal then this should be celebrated. If they don’t achieve the goal then this is an opportunity for the whole team to figure out where they went wrong and improve iteratively from there. As long as they commit to the work as a single unit, they will begin to bond over the work and collaborate with greater fluidity.

Tip 2: Work out the workflow

Another great way is to incentivise collaboration is to create an awareness of the general workflow.

The team should be able to answer the following:

  • How do they create value together as a team?
  • What are the contributions from each member?
  • Which direction should the work flow for maximum impact?

When you create a workflow, do it consciously and transparently. There’s a common misconception within early adopters of agile scrum that everybody is immediately in sync. This is not the case, so take the opportunity to give team members clarity on the roles and expectations of their fellow teammates. This way all passive assumptions and subsequent misunderstandings are kept to a minimum.

Tip 3: Scrums like team spirit

When you ask people, “what is required for a team to work well together?” some people will say a strong sense of “team spirit”. But what does this mean? Is it just some pie in the sky idea or could it actually represent something greater?

As it turns out, team spirit is a combination of trust, a willingness to help each other, and an understanding that team success is more important than the success of an individual. Once the team have this, it will work to keep morale high. Something you can do as scrum coach is encourage them to offer help to their teammates–not just on the odd occasion, but relentlessly. This is often a sign of a high-performing team and it’s how you build team spirit.


I hope the video and tips above help you to find the factors that encourage your team collaborate more effectively. This will only improve the team development, which has a positive impact on the pace and quality of work for each sprint iteration.

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover, leave a comment below or send me a message through my website. Thanks for reading. See you next time!


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