Leadership Team Development

What would you like to see more of in your Leadership Team?

  • More collaboration?
  • More wins?
  • More understanding?
  • More alignment?
  • More trust?
  • More clear communication?
  • More conflict skills?
  • More positive influence?

For a leadership team to come together, the initial steps are deceivingly simple.

While every team needs to invest time into becoming a team, the return on investment is astounding.

Yet, only ~10% of teams have reached the level of high-performance.

What are the top three areas that Leadership Teams work on?

How effective is the decision-making of your management team/leadership team?
How constructive is the communication of your leadership team/management team?
How delighted are you to get out of bed to work with your team members?

Only ~10% of teams are high performing, meaning operating with top positivity, and top productivity. It is my conviction that every team has the potential to become a dream team. Leadership teams are no exception.

As a leadership team your time is scarce and highly valuable. Meetings are a big investment. So becoming the best leadership team you can be, should be measurable, effective, and lasting.

If you are curious where your leadership team is at, and are prepared to explore a 6-month boosting journey, please book your complimentary consult now.
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Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach

Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach

Georg has amazing credibility and has worked with some fantastic companies. He has so much experience of working with teams, he has an exercise or way to position every possible situation. He’s also an excellent facilitator – a cool head and able to gently get us back on the right path.

Vicky Schildkamp General Manager

Georg is known for his good sense of humour with tact and empathy, which makes him really good at working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries. He is a true professional with strong strategic thinking and the ability to draw conclusions on complicated topics.

Sirpa Norlund Senior Vice President

For teams to learn to be effective, there typically needs a degree of vulnerability and learning trust; a safe place is needed for that. Georg creates this safe place with ease.

Norm Russell Co-Founder

I highly recommend Georg Fasching as an organisational coach. As part of the Ministry of Justice Digital and Technology Team I have worked with Georg between January 2016 and December 2017.

As part of the Digital Management team, Georg coached the group as a team, assisting it to learn its strategic goals and coaching the team in terms of its organisational growth and delivery. Georg encouraged the team to look at different ways that we could work together and to forge a greater understanding of what we were needing to deliver and how best we could do that.

Georg on a personal note is very approachable and great to have around the office. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about his field. He is the ultimate professional and fully committed to the cause he was working on. Georg would be an asset to any organisation he works with.

Rob Stirling Head of Delivery, Ministry of Justice - Digital & Technology

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