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In an organisational setting a coaching approach can cover work with individuals as well as with teams. The organisation may go through a specific phase of change or leadership are simply keen to improve productivity and well-being of the organisation. An engagement with a coach over the course of a few months can achieve significant results. Georg is qualified and experienced in working across the individual, team and leadership levels.

Organisations going through Digital Transformation also benefit from such an engagement. Alongside the work with the individuals and teams in the Digital parts of the organisation, the interaction with the traditional part of the organisation present its own challenges. They are commonly related to differences in mindset and culture, rooted in working practices that are deeply entrained. This is an environment that Georg is intricately familiar with both in the public sector and industry.

Georg is a fantastic agile coach and a valuable addition to any team. Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure comfort, progress and smooth communication within a team. He ensured that best practices were applied at each level of our multi skilled team and responded quickly to each problem and challenge the team faced. A genuine pleasure to work with!

Rory Kelly Contract Developer

I highly recommend Georg Fasching as an organisational coach. As part of the Ministry of Justice Digital and Technology Team I have worked with Georg between January 2016 and December 2017.

I have been fortunate enough during this period to have had the assistance of Georg in various different manners working with myself as part of the Delivery profession through coaching in agile and lean practices and establishing a skills matrix to assist all members professional growth. Georg aided wider knowledge and capability growth of the wider Digital and Technology team through identifying needs and facilitating training sessions in team dynamics, agile delivery and how to understand wider government standards that had to be adhered to. Georg delivered a series of talks on Neurodiversity to improve awareness and exposure around the work place.

As part of the Digital Management team Georg coached the group as a team, assisting it to learn its strategic goals and coaching the team in terms of its organisational growth and delivery. Georg encouraged the team to look at different ways that we could work together and to forge a greater understanding of what we were needing to deliver and how best we could do that. I received one-two-one executive coaching from Georg as part of this Management team to assist myself in become a better leader and to develop my professional community.

During Georg’s time he also co-established an internal coaching pathway programme which I took part in. The programme was established to enable internal coaching capability to be grown without the need for external coaches. This programme focuses on a wide range of coaching skills, agile and lean practices.

Georg on a personal note is very approachable and great to have around the office. He is very passionate and knowledgable about his field. He is the ultimate professional and fully committed to the cause he was working on. Georg would be asset to any organisation he works with.

Rob Stirling Head of Delivery

Working with Georg was a game-changer for me. I've not worked in an environment, before or since, where the team dynamic was made tangible and consciously part of the work. Being coached and being managed are worlds apart - once experienced it seems so obvious and so glaringly absent elsewhere.

He ensured we drew on support from each other and took full responsibility for the whole team's success. He was incredibly attentive and eased any difficulties along the way, from material ones like poor internet connections to personal conflict. All this while working under incredible time pressure with a new team, a situation which rarely brings out the best in anyone!

I learned what it takes to create a truly fulfilling and effective way of working and haven't looked back. If you have a chance to work with Georg, absolutely go for it - I hope to be lucky enough to do it again.

Ayesha Moarif Service Design Lead