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Coaching Teams

Coaching Teams targets improvement to the flow of product development. This also increases the happiness of people involved. Happy people create better products. I draw from over 15 years of digital product development experience. Through a combination of training and organisational change coaching, I get to bring this experience to the benefit of the organisations I support.

Coaching Teams clients include

Please note that I no longer serve the banking sector.

Prior to going independent I was with:


I regularly offer private training in Lean & Agile values, principles, and working practices. In 2016 I designed a "Coaching Team Dynamics" course; an educational offering that is rare if not unique. This is now available online and as a private course for your organisation. You can find more information about this here.

Organisational Agile Coaching

A particular passion of mine is to help teams find their flow and maximise it. I do this by working closely in particular with the team's coach (e.g. Scrum Master). Now I tend to work mostly with the leadership teams to help them grow their business' agility. In situ I also work with leaders on a one to one business coaching basis.