Coaching for Leaders

This is a series of one-to-one conversations focused solely on your thinking, discovery, and progress.

You may have something specific in mind that you feel close to solving for yourself, and it remains elusive.
You may just have an overarching sense of too many things going through your mind, and the clutter holds you back in some way.
You may have achieved yet another big win, yet are left yearning still for the next one.

Coaching can help you let go of what holds you back and achieve your own goals over a series of coaching sessions; in complete confidentiality.

In today’s world we rarely have enough time for anything, let alone time to think. We have vast amounts of potential; everyone of us.

Sadly often this potential doesn’t get realised. There is much interference around us and inside of us.

Through coaching you can let go of that and realise much more of your potential. There are many forms of coaching. As a formally qualified coach, I can foster truly transformational change. I am a proud credentialed member of the International Coach Federation, and live the ICF’s Code of Ethics.

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Working with Georg was one of the best professional decisions I have made to date. Throughout the 6 months with Georg, I came to realise I can achieve more if I take some time to reflect and ask myself key questions. I have taken on the mindset of a leader taking my team and myself to the next levels as opposed to plodding along with no change and no progression. It has given me the motivation to have the difficult conversations, to push for changes and to challenge myself. Georg's coaching sessions are invaluable, I highly recommend them if you are looking to develop, improve and enhance your professional development. Thank you Georg!

Sheila Taghavi Head of Learning & Development

Full Flow Coaching is my unique view and blend of coaching practices, designed to enable you to remove what stands in the way of achieving your goals and getting life or work into full flow. Imagine a strong river that hits an area filled with rocks. All of a sudden the strength of the stream is turned into white water with lots of noise and little progress. Re-establishing flow requires the removal of these rocks. That’s what coaching can help you achieve.

Executive coaching investment options

Coaching Call

Ad Hoc When Desired



  • 1 video call
  • Lasts up to 1 hour
  • Geographic flexibility

Monthly Coaching

1 call per month
for consistent progress


per month

  • 1 video call per month
  • Each call lasts up to 1 hour
  • Consistent progress
  • 6 months, cancel anytime

Coaching Pack

6 calls to use as quickly as you like



  • 6 video calls, each up to 1 hour
  • Geographic flexibility
  • Schedule them at your pace

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