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Jul 08

Use ‘Conflict Progress Coaching’ to help unlock people’s divergent creative potential

By Georg Fasching | Coaching , Team Coaching

Teams and people creating value together are in healthy creative forms of conflict much of the time, but what if they get stuck and conflict turns sour? I am glad to share with you the Conflict Progress Coaching approach I developed over a few years, which draws from the fields of mediation, relationship counselling, and professional […]

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Aug 23

Three great ways to achieve team cohesion

By Georg Fasching | Team Coaching

Understand the psychology aspects that build and reinforce trust within scrum teams Tip 1: Lay a solid psychological foundation The most fundamental aspect of team cohesion is psychological safety between peers. Researched in depth by Dr. Amy Edmondson, and popularised through Google’s Project Aristotle, psychological safety recognises that like all animals, our actions are based […]

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