Mentor-coaching for engaging leadership


There is a simple strategy for engaging mentor-coaching conversations. Coaching is the new leading, and mentor-coaching opens a space of respect for you to offer input or advice. Here is how to have a great mentor-coaching conversation for engaging leadership. Two different experiences Remember some moments when you went to get some advice from a … Read more

Learn from a cat to connect more with an introvert

Introvert Cat

A diverse team is usually a stronger team for it. This diversity also extends to the introvert to extrovert spectrum. Cats might self-identify as introvert so lets learn from them. While I self-identify as an introvert, some people in professional/work contexts might think I’m an extrovert. Based on the context and the particular role that … Read more

Introducing the framework for Product Leadership Excellence

Over the last years of working with many great senior & executive level leaders I got to pick up on some common patterns. Several of these patterns I hadn’t actually come across in my continued professional development as an executive coach, be that in courses, videos, or literature. More importantly though the material that was … Read more