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May 02

How to go pro with professional coaching – The professional coaching Journey.

By Georg Fasching | blogpost

In this video I’m going to cover three key things, the professional coaching journey, Professional Coach Federation as an association to support that journey, and what the accreditation might look like, so professional coaching accreditation is also covered in this video. And I thought I would start with sharing my own journey which from what I have experienced since I started that particular journey seems to be quite similar to a few people, so it might be useful to you as well.

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The big Power of MICRO Retros
Aug 08

The big power of micro retrospectives

By Georg Fasching | blogpost

Many product delivery teams know retrospectives (aka retros ) from their natural cycle of work, whether in iterations (e.g. Scrum) or in flow-based contexts (e.g. Lean Kanban). The more the team introspects the higher the value of the retrospective. How much they are prepared to do this, depends on where they are in the team […]

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Playing Detective
Jan 20

Agile Coaching: A detective game

By Georg Fasching | blogpost

Over recent months, I’ve come to hear tales and woes of some Agile Coaches seemingly ‘breaking and entering’ an organisation and instantly eliminating whatever the existing Agile practice in favour of their own methodology. Supposedly, some contexts do demand this approach, perhaps based on previous learning this is even the client’s intention or the coach’s […]

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