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A leadership team development specialist, International Coach Federation - Professional Certified Coach, with global product management experience since 2000, employing Agile & Lean since 2010, Georg Fasching helps digital creative agencies’ leadership teams delight their clients, fulfil their people, and improve their prosperity.

Jul 08

Use ‘Conflict Progress Coaching’ to help unlock people’s divergent creative potential

By Georg Fasching | Coaching , Team Coaching

Teams and people creating value together are in healthy creative forms of conflict much of the time, but what if they get stuck and conflict turns sour? I am glad to share with you the Conflict Progress Coaching approach I developed over a few years, which draws from the fields of mediation, relationship counselling, and professional […]

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May 02

How to go pro with professional coaching – The professional coaching Journey.

By Georg Fasching | Coaching

In this video I’m going to cover three key things, the professional coaching journey, Professional Coach Federation as an association to support that journey, and what the accreditation might look like, so professional coaching accreditation is also covered in this video. And I thought I would start with sharing my own journey which from what I have experienced since I started that particular journey seems to be quite similar to a few people, so it might be useful to you as well.

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