Agile Product Management Resources

Here are some product management resources that Georg keeps up to date. Using these you can deepen your own or others’ understanding of product management using Agile and Lean values, approaches, and principles.

Product Management Resources – Foundation: Intro Self-Study Guide to Agile, Scrum & Kanban

This document is more than an Agile Methodology PDF. It covers the basics of Agile (via the manifesto), and a brief overview of Scrum & Kanban. Following the introduction, you will find a list of suggested self-study materials. These are organised by a level-system that would provide a nice progression. Each level goes more in depth and ideally you’d get some practical experience alongside.

Get the Agile Intro & Self-Study Guide

Product Discovery / Visioning

As a guide for successful kick-off workshops Georg at times uses the tried and tested framework called 4 Ws and How. It is filled with a series of pointed questions to help capture the whole landscape of a product.

You can access this for free on this Trello board.

Feel free to use this in line with the Creative Commons license and provide any feedback you have via Twitter. Enjoy!

Context Switching Exercise

A little exercise Georg regularly features in training (and sometimes outside) is “Letter, Numbers, Numerals”. Traditional working environments have conditioned us into working on many things in parallel. Unfortunately the human mind is not wired for multitasking. Improving our ability of rapidly switching between tasks might seem like a good idea but actually comes with exponential diminishing returns. To get a glimpse of this, the exercise has us complete a spreadsheet, firstly row by row, and secondly column by columns, measuring each of the durations and comparing them. (more on the multitasking myth here)

Here’s the worksheet for “Letters, Numbers, Numerals”. Download it, print it, and have go.