Georg Fasching - Accredited Personal and Business Coach


Over the past 15 years, I pursued my passion and proficiency in Digital Product Development while working predominantly in the payment and engineering spaces. My experience transitioned to Agile in 2010. Having practiced as Product Owner and also as Scrum Master provides me an intriguing blend of complementing perspectives. I now improve the flow and happiness for leaders, leadership teams, and organisations, through coaching and training.

I do my best to serve as a mentor and servant to the community, as part of my vicarious quest to help others achieve their goals. My dedication to continual learning has made me extremely effective (my clients’ words) as an Agile Coach & Executive Coach, helping my clients to accomplish huge wins. Over the years I got to work with a variety of companies, such as major finance (in the past, I don’t serve this field anymore), and tech corporations, as well as government departments. As a qualified Personal and Business Coach, I also enable individuals become even better versions of themselves.

My quest for adventure once led me to a treacherous part of the world where I conquered, gutted and fried up the commonly feared Piranha in the Amazon Basin (if you’re wondering, they are rather tasty and crunchy). I thrive in challenging situations as I continue my coaching & training practice today in London, England much of the time, and Porto, Portugal some of the time.

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My journey ...

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  • Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching Modules 2-5


  • Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (application with review team since 9 Feb)


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Personal & Business Coaching


  • NLP Practitioner
  • Fusion Therapeutic Coaching