Since 1999 I pursue my passion and proficiency in Digital Product Development while working predominantly in the payment and technology spaces. In a traditional product career from business analyst through to Executive VP of Products, it was always teamwork in the context of the organisation that fascinated me.

My discovery of Agile in 2010 sparked a new-found thirst of learning. Since going independent in 2012, I continue to learn & explore new ways of high-performance teamwork. 

When I'm not teaching, coaching, or mentoring Agile practitioners, leaders, or coaches, I serve leadership teams as their team coach (here's an example). Thusly I support the unlocking of major enterprise agility improvements as the leadership team journeys towards high-performance.

Over the years I got to work with a variety of companies across sectors (see below). The status quo is that only about 10% of teams are high-performing, leadership teams included. I am devoted to improving upon this as much as possible.

My early attempts at effecting enterprise-level & large-scale pursuits of agility that didn't include senior management teams were less effective. Since 2014, successively working more closely with senior leaders first has been integral in mitigating the issue. Most of this practice is centred around guiding senior management teams as teams to purposeful proficiency & performance in a world of increasing complexity.

A few more bits of information about my background: Cultures around the globe fascinate me. I ran a couple of marathons so far. 1% for the Planet is a global network for healthy planet activists that I'm a proud member of. With my wife & baby-boy, we currently live in Porto, Portugal.

For a complete professional background and formal education overview check out my LinkedIn Profile.

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The scope of my partnership with these leading "boutique"-sized and vastly experienced companies of people covers teaching and client work. The client names and initiative details are protected by confidentiality provisions.

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Digital Agencies & Studios

Over the years I got to work with, at, and through, a great variety of creative agencies, digital agencies, digital studios, and digital product studios. I got to appreciate the different dynamics from both agency and client side.

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Fantastic facilitation. Not just learning the framework but exploring it in practice and discussing how it applies in our universe!

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