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Today’s marketplaces are incredibly dynamic and interconnected. It is vital for organisations to be able to navigate them nimbly and not just survive but thrive.

For many seasoned larger organisations this is an immense challenge and it is often hard to work out where to start.

This is where the 6 Enablers of Business Agility come in, created by accomplished business coach and author Karim Harbott. They are:

  • leadership & management
  • organisational culture
  • organisational structure
  • people & engagement
  • governance & funding
  • ways of working

In our interview we explored how they are important and also connected. Given that organisations themselves are complex-adaptive systems, due to their nature, being they are people-systems, a change in one enabler often or usually has an impact on other areas.

We also covered how thinking about them in this way can lead to overwhelm, and how the Business Agility Canvas is effective as a tool.

Check out the video, audio, and key highlights for insights into how organisations can evolve themselves for success using the 6 Enablers of Business Agility.

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Key Highlights

"A key reason why organisational transformations fail is because there’s not a coherence around what is being done, there’s no one who stands back and says “what’s the big picture?” Because everything is interconnected." - Karim Harbott

"The business agility canvas is a tool I created to help visualise the change taking place in an organisation which uses the 6 enables of business agility." - Karim Harbott

"The 6 enablers of business agility: Leadership & Management; Organisational Culture; Organisational Structure; People & Engagement; Governance & Funding, and Ways of Working." - Karim Harbott

"The product development life cycle has shrunk; the world changes rapidly; new technologies get adopted far more quickly; new companies reach a billion dollar valuation in months rather than years, and this volatility and complexity shows that being really great at what you do now is useful, but it doesn’t help you survive and thrive in the long-term." - Karim Harbott

"For me, this book is aimed at that quite narrow subset of people who know they want to change, they know how tough it is, and they still want to do it." - Karim Harbott

"With the 6 enablers of business agility I start with Leadership & Management because I think everything starts there. Everything starts with leaders changing the way they show up and then they drive the changes in all of the other things." - Karim Harbott

"Organisational Culture at odds with Agile values and principles always comes up as the top impediment for team effectiveness. If we don’t address the culture then nothing else matters." - Karim Harbott

"Organisational Culture goes hand-in-hand with Leadership & Management because leadership behaviours are one of the things that create the culture. To change culture you have to look at where you are and where you want to be, and it is something you define as to what you want and then all of the changes you make are in alignment with that." - Karim Harbott

"If you don’t have time to focus on the organisational culture, the structure, and everything around how an organisation operates, then what else is the job of a CEO or a senior leader? That is the job. Setting the strategy and vision in the right direction and creating the environment where people can move towards that, is what you should be doing." - Karim Harbott

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Georg Fasching

A leadership team development specialist, International Coach Federation - Professional Certified Coach, with global product management experience since 2000, employing Agile & Lean since 2010, Georg Fasching guides leadership teams to delighting their clients, fulfil their people, and improve their prosperity.

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