6 Enablers of Business Agility with Karim Harbott

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Today’s marketplaces are incredibly dynamic and interconnected. It is vital for organisations to be able to navigate them nimbly and not just survive but thrive.

For many seasoned larger organisations this is an immense challenge and it is often hard to work out where to start.

This is where the 6 Enablers of Business Agility come in, created by accomplished business coach and author Karim Harbott. They are:

  • leadership & management
  • organisational culture
  • organisational structure
  • people & engagement
  • governance & funding
  • ways of working

In our interview we explored how they are important and also connected. Given that organisations themselves are complex-adaptive systems, due to their nature, being they are people-systems, a change in one enabler often or usually has an impact on other areas.

We also covered how thinking about them in this way can lead to overwhelm, and how the Business Agility Canvas is effective as a tool.

Check out the video, audio, and key highlights for insights into how organisations can evolve themselves for success using the 6 Enablers of Business Agility.

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